Phybers's innovative industrial secure LTE router WR302G/312G/322G Series designed for IIoT connectivity by single (WR312G) or dual (WR322G) high-speed 4G LTE routing or WiFi networks (5G 802.11ac/a/n or 2.4G 802.11b/g/n).
The models in the series are equipped with 2-port Gigabit Ethernet routing and  2 RS232/422/485 ports for connecting to on-site serial devices. The 3T3R radio is capable to provide up to 1.3Gbps high throughput. Thanks to USB design field installation and firmware upgrade is quick and easy. The SD card can store application programs or diagnostic log file. Network security is guaranteed by supported by gateway OpenVPN and IPsec.

・-40 to 70°C wide operation temperature

・EN50121-4 railway compliance

Industrial Cellular Ethernet Routing Switch for Smart Bus

The Innovative and Intelligent LTE routing switch WR329 series is designed to combine functionalities of LTE/WiFi router and 8-Port switch for Smart Bus applications. It can also be used in roadside cabinets or other industrial applications for ultra-resilient high-speed Wi-Fi & multi-port Ethernet ports to LTE routing. The flexible modular design allows project customizations of enable/disable PoE ports, LTE/Wi-Fi. Wide Temperature and Ruggedized design allows convenient deployment in existing infrastructure under the harsh conditions.

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