Phybers’s innovative intelligent LTE PoE switches are specially designed for wireless surveillance applications. Deploying WR switches guarantee ultra-resilient networks by simultaneously supporting high-speed LTE and WiFi routing and fiber uplink connection.

You can connect IP-cameras through our LTE PoE switches, which will deliver power to the connected PD according to IEEE 802.3af/at and collect the high-quality real life video-stream for further transmission to router, backbone switch, and NVR through WiFi/LTE or Ethernet/fiber connection. Dual SIM standby allows connecting to 2 cellular carriers for further selecting the best performing network. Reliable high-throughput Ethernet operation is provided by full Gigabit switching. Integrated firewall ensures safe data transmission which is especially crucial for wireless communication. Compact size and rugged industrial design allow convenient deployment in existing infrastructure under the harshest conditions.

Industrial Wireless LTE Router

Phyber WR series routers are designed specifically for uninterruptable data communication in M2M market. The WR product line supports the latest cellular technologies for higher speeds and bandwidth.

Enhanced network reliability is guaranteed by multiple redundancies. The first level is ring redundant protocol, and in case it fails LTE redundancy is automatically activated. Moreover, WR routers support dual SIM standby feature which provides communication of available operator if one of the operators is not available. 

VPN technology

In Ring topology, standby Backup gateway has the same settings as the primary gateway, it continuously communicates with the primary gateway and connects to LTE while Ring fails.
WR switches support VPN technology for one to one and one to many secured connectivity. OpenVPN Server, OpenVPN Client, IPSec and L2TP VPN Protocols are supported.

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