Merry Christmas and a Look Back at the Past Year

Dear friends, customers and partners

What a year we've had at Qnetworks! The year has been a journey filled with progress, learning and joy. When I reflect on everything that has happened, I can't help but feel enormous gratitude and joy for it and what is around the corner.

Challenges and Progress during the Year

However, we have faced challenges during the year as a result of the prevailing business situation, fluctuations in interest rates and exchange rates. These factors have affected our financial results and put pressure on our financial performance. Despite these challenges, we have continued to focus on growth and product development.

Growth and Solidarity

We have stood strong together, and your supporting hands have been our best gift. Despite the financial pressures, our joint commitment and your trust have been sources of inspiration and strength.

Forward with Hope and Joy

Christmas is now approaching with its wonderful atmosphere of community and warmth. The thought of the upcoming Christmas food with its different flavors gives me a feeling of anticipation and joy. It is a time when we gather around the Christmas table to enjoy these flavors and create memories together.

It is also a time for some peace and recovery. Being able to settle down for a while, maybe exactly at 3pm on Christmas Eve to watch Donald Duck, is something I'm looking forward to. It's a tradition that reminds me of the innocent joy of childhood and still manages to spread joy and laughter.

The past year has been packed with activity, particularly in our area of fiber training and related courses. Our collaboration within our traningpartners has been a fantastic opportunity to develop and share knowledge. In mobile communications, radio technology and network technology, there has also been plenty of educational activities. In addition, we have started training courses for different areas of certification.

Our deliveries within the national project Resilience and Endurance have continued to be able to offer enhanced preparedness and preparations for future crisis situations.

Thank you for your trust. Most of all, I want to express a warm and heartfelt thank you for this year and send you a Christmas greeting. I hope you have a really Merry Christmas filled with love, community and joy. Seize the moment, create memories and enjoy the wonderful time together with loved ones or rest in the moment.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Johan Claesson
Quality Networks Nordic AB, Qnetworks

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