Test Kit Copper – K60E

90500 kr

TestPro CV100 Smart Building Test Kit Copper – K60E

The K60E combines both cable certification and network connectivity testing.  It is used by System Integrators, Network Owners or Cable Contractors looking to add new service offerings. This kit provides Copper certification, PoE load testing, and Multi-gigabit link speed testing. Wired and Wireless network testing is supported with included AD-NET-CABLE Adapter. Wireless testing requires an optional Edimax EW-7822ULC Wi-Fi USB Adapter.


Set of AD-CAT8.1-CH Channel Adapters
Set of AD-CAT8.1-PL Permanent Link Adapters
Set of AD-NET-CABLE Adapters for PoE and Multi-Gigabit
AD-6A-PCORD (supports MPTL testing, not pictured)


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